Single Herb Tinctures

Single Herb Tinctures


BLUE VERVAIN (Nerve + Muscle Relaxant):
Soothes the nervous system. Helps relax muscle tension, pain and inflammation—especially for those that hold tension in their neck and shoulders. AVOID if pregnant.

CHAMOMILE (Nerve + Digestive Support):
Helps with nervousness/anxiety and digestive issues. AVOID if pregnant or have ragweed sensitivity.

ELDERBERRY (Immune Support):
Can be used as a daily tonic for immune-strengthening or at first sign of cold/flu.

LAVENDER (Nerve Support):
Soothes the nervous system—reducing stress, anxiety, restlessness and depression. Relieves headaches and muscle spasms. AVOID if pregnant or have low blood pressure.

LEMON BALM (Balance):
Uplifting and gently relaxing—when you need to take things down a notch. Traditionally used in Ayurveda to calm the stomach and balance mood.

OREGANO (Immune Support):
Can be used internally for cold/flu or externally for skin infections.

Helps with insomnia, circular thinking/anxious thoughts, nerve pain and menstrual cramps.

ROSEMARY (Brain + Respiratory Function):
Supports mental cognition, flus, colds, respiratory infections, depression and digestive issues.

SKULLCAP (Nerve Support):
Traditionally used by Native American tribes as a nerve soothing tea—this herb is best for when your mind just won’t quiet down. Unlike other relaxing herbs, Skullcap relieves tension and nervousness without making you sleepy.

TULSI (Daily Tonic + Adaptogen):
Also known as “queen of herbs'“—Tulsi means “beyond compare”. Helps the body adapt to stress, promotes energy, endurance and overall well-being.

VALERIAN ROOT (Sedative + Muscle Relaxant):
Great for sleeplessness—especially when due to anxiety or muscle tension/spasms. This herb can be either sedating or stimulating based on your individual constitution, best to start in small doses. Use only in the evening when you are in for the night. DO NOT combine with other sedatives.

SIZE: 1 oz. / 30mL. All herbs are 100% organic.

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