Single Herb Tinctures

Single Herb Tinctures


CHAMOMILE (Nerve + Digestive Support):
Helps with nervousness/anxiety and digestive issues. AVOID if pregnant or have ragweed sensitivity.

ELDERBERRY (Immune Support):
Can be used as a daily tonic for immune-strengthening or at first sign of cold/flu.

OREGANO (Immune Support):
Can be used internally for cold/flu or externally for skin infections.

Helps with insomnia, circular thinking/anxious thoughts, nerve pain and menstrual cramps.

ROSEMARY (Brain + Respiratory Function):
Supports mental cognition, flus, colds, respiratory infections, depression and digestive issues.

TULSI (Daily Tonic + Adaptogen):
Also known as “queen of herbs'“—Tulsi means “beyond compare”. Helps the body adapt to stress, promotes energy, endurance and overall well-being.

SIZE: 1 oz. / 30mL. All herbs are 100% organic.

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